Chartered Certified Accountants

Whether you prepare your own books or have them prepared by an external agency, professionally prepared accounts is the first stage in a process of dealing effectively with your tax and other statutory obligations.

At Integrity, we will prepare those accounts and any tax returns as appropriate, working alongside you to ensure compliance with your obligations whilst advising on appropriate ways of maximising profitability and minimising tax.

If you do not have the facilities to prepare your own books, VAT returns, wages, PAYE returns etc we can provide these services.

“Funding the financial challenge”

At Integrity we are more than just “bookkeeping accountants”. We pride ourselves in being able to add value to our client’s development by assisting them in finding the required funding for their existing and future financial needs.

We are able to source everything from expansion to venture capital. We produce all the supporting documentation required to make the presentation to the lenders and will attend the meetings with you. This will include working with our clients in preparing the business plan; cash flows and profit projections.

Let us help you to grow your business.